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Mercury Elite Pro Dual TB2 & USB3.1 4TB
Mercury Elite Pro Dual TB2 & USB3.1 4TB
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Mercury Accelsior_E2 PCIe SSD 240GB Discontinued




Mercury Accelsior_E2
PCI Express Solid State Drive

The PCIe SSD drive built for the most demanding needs of video editing and creative professionals.
3 Year Warranty
Boot, Launch, Create, and Save Faster
With its simultaneous internal and external storage performance, the Mercury Accelsior_E2 offers the the best combination of speed, capacity, and connectivity available today. 

Stop waiting for I/O-intensive apps like Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, or Avid Pro Tools to render, capture or process. Start working faster with near instantaneous boots and app launches. And save your work faster than ever before. 

The Accelsior_E2 utilizes the PCIe slot in Mac Pros and PC towers, the fastest data interface available, to deliver up to 820MB/s of blistering perfomance. That's nearly 3x faster than an SSD equipped Mac Pro 3Gb/s drive bay, and well beyond 6Gb/s drive speeds. 

When your work is completed, transfer it for backup or archival purposes at speeds up to 600MB/s via the two eSATA expansion ports to any external storage device with an eSATA port.
Boost Entry-Level Server and Gaming
In addition to video-editing and multimedia creation / management deployment, the Accelsior_E2 takes entry-level servers and even gaming to entirely new levels of performance. 

With up to 100,000 IOPS, business-critical applications like online transaction processing databases are given an instant boost. For gamers, Accelsior_E2's speed dramatically reduces game level-loading, object streaming, and save times for more playing and less waiting.
And Laptops, Mac mini, & iMac Too...
The Accelsior_E2 isn't just for desktop computing. With an external PCIe expansion chassis, such as the OWC Helios, you can enjoy the Accelsior_E2's performance benefits with any Thunderbolt port equipped Mac or PC.
Efficient, Reliable, and Upgradeable SSD Blades
Accelsior_E2's SandForce Driven™ SSD blades provide a more responsive and productive computing experience with cooler, quieter, and more energy efficient operation compared to standard hard drives. SandForce RAISE™ technology provides RAID-like data redundancy protection and reliability. 

And with the future introduction of higher capacity Mercury Accelsior SSD blades, you'll be able to meet expanding storage needs while extending the useful life of your investment.
Easy-to-Install, Robust, & U.S. Built
Accelsior is as easy-to-install as memory a upgrade, yet robust enough to handle the rigors of pro environments. 

This game-changing, high-performance upgrade comes backed by a three-year warranty, and is designed and built in the U.S. from domestic and imported parts.
Add Up to 32TB Externally
with Two eSATA Expansion Ports
In addition to the ultimate SSD upgrade, the Accelsior_E2 adds two eSATA storage expansion interfaces to any Mac Pro. Achieve faster than internal drive speeds with up to 600MB/s performance per drive. That's a whopping 6x faster than the fastest stock Mac Pro external interface of FireWire 800 with up to 100MB/s data rates.
RAID or Single Drives,
The Choice is YoursA variety of single and multi-drive RAID solutions can be connected via Accelsior_E2's two eSATA expansion ports. You can also create a RAID array with Apple's Disk Utility, SoftRAID, or various software RAID applications for PCs.




240GB Mercury Accelsior_E2 PCI Express SSD Specifications:


Dual LSI® SandForce SF-2281 series processors with 7% Over Provisioning
Tier 1 Major Multi-Level Cell (MLC) High-Performance Sync-NAND Flash
Form Factor
Low Profile PCI Express
PCIe 2.0 x2
Expansion Ports1
Two eSATA 6Gb/s ports
240GB useable capacity
Total Flash Memory Components - 256GB
16GB allocated to real-time data redundancy & error correction
Formatted Capacity3
SMART Attributes
Native Command Queuing
up to 32 commands
AHCI Compliant
Plug and Play installation, no drivers required
Manufacturer Model Number
RoHS Compliant


Height (max)
120mm (4.74″)
Width (max)
20.7mm (0.81″)
Length (max)
180mm (7.1″)
85 grams +/- 4 grams
0.18 lbs +/- 3.0 oz


Data Reliability
ECC Recovery: Up to 55 bytes correctable per 512-byte sector
Chip Based Data Encryption: 128-bit AES-compliant
3 Year OWC Warranty
(Standard return policy applies.)


Sustained Sandy Bridge PC
Reads (up to)
Sustained Sandy Bridge PC
Writes (up to)
Sustained Ivy Bridge PC
Reads (up to)
Sustained Ivy Bridge PC
Writes (up to)
Sustained Mac Pro
Reads (up to)
Sustained Mac Pro
Writes (up to)
Random 4K Read
Up to 100,000 IOPS
Random 4K Write
Up to 100,000 IOPS
Write Latency
less than 0.1ms
Read Latency
less than 0.1ms

Environmental (Operating)

Temperature (°F)
32°F to 158°F
Temperature (°C)
0°C to 70°C

Environmental (Non-Operating)

Temperature (°F)
-67°F to 302°F
Temperature (°C)
-55°C to 150°C


Idle (Typical)
0.0 bels
Seek (Typical)
0.0 bels

Operating System Compatibility6

Vista and higher
Server 2008 and higher
Mac OS X
10.6 and higher
Mac OS X Server
10.6 and higher
Ubuntu Linux
9.04 and higher
Fedora Linux
14 and higher



Accelsior Driver for OS X 10.6.8 & Later, Mac Pro only
  1. Not compatible with port-multiplier enclosures.
  2. 1GB = 1,000,000,000 bytes. Total accessible capacity varies depending upon operating environment (typically 5-10% less). The actual total capacity will depend on your own defined file settings/preferences. 
  3. In terms of standard gigabytes, 1GiB ≈ 1.074GB and refers to the actual formatted capacity of shown under Mac OS 10.5 or earlier and Microsoft Windows OS.
  4. Specific application environments such as temperature and duty cycle will affect the overall reliability.
  5. Performance may vary by machine - see compatibility tab for details.
  6. Accelsior may be used with Bootcamp only if the entire formatted capacity of the Accelsior model is completely dedicated to the Windows partition.
  7. Driver ensures proper power-down of Accelsior during sleep and shutdown actions, this driver does not interact with the data operation and ensures that OS X provides proper power down notification to the Accelsior where without the driver such notification may not occur.

Note: The use of two or more Accelsior SSDs requires OS X 10.6.8 or later.
Note: To boot Windows via Bootcamp on Accelsior, only one Accelsior SSD can be installed.




Note about compatibility and throughput:
  • Compatibility:
    • Compatible with all eSATA equipped storage solutions.
  • PC Throughput:
    • PCIe 2.0 x4 slot or better is required. Use of a PCIe 1.0 x4 slot will reduce performance.
  • Mac Pro Throughput:
    • 2009–2010 Mac Pro. Installing Accelsior into any open x4 or x16 PCIe 2.0 slot will deliver full throughput up to 785MB/s.
    • 2008 Mac Pro. These models have two x16 PCIe 2.0 slots, which enable Acceslsior_E2 to deliver full throughput up to 785MB/s. Installing Accelsior_E2 into of the two x4 PCIe 1.0 slots will result in Accelsior_E2 being addressed as a gen one, one-lane card with performance limited to real world 190-200MB/s data rates.
    • 2006–2007 Mac Pro. These models utilize PCIe 1.0 slot which cannot be configured (even with the Expansion Utility in OS X) to address Accelsior_E2 as anything but as a first generation one-lane card. As a result, Accelsior_E2 performance will be limited to 190-200MB/s data rates. If maximum data rate speed up to 285MB/s is desired, we recommend the installation of a 2.5" OWC Mercury SSD in an open Mac Pro drive bay.
  • eSATA Expansion Ports:
    • Compatible with all eSATA equipped storage solutions.
  • Dual Card Use/Booting:
    • Dual Accelsior_E2 Usage. The use of two or more Accelsior_E2 SSDs requires OS X 10.6.8 or later.
    • Bootcamp. To boot Windows via Bootcamp on Accelsior_E2, only one Accelsior_E2 SSD can be installed.
    • 2006–2008 Mac Pro (with model ID MacPro1,1; MacPro2,1; MacPro3,1). Due to an Apple limitation, any volume located on a Mercury Accelsior_E2 SSD will not appear in the "option boot" menu. A volume installed on an Accelsior_E2 can be set as the Mac Pro's boot volume through the "Startup Disk" pane in System Preferences.

This OWC SSD is compatible with:Learn how to find your Mac's model ID
Mac Pro
Mac Pro Quad-Core
(Mid 2010-2012)
(July, 2010)
Model ID: MacPro5,1
2.8GHz, 3.2GHz
Mac Pro
Mac Pro 6-Core
(Mid 2010-2012)
(July, 2010)
Model ID: MacPro5,1
Mac Pro
Mac Pro 8-Core
(Mid 2010-2012)
(July, 2010)
Model ID: MacPro5,1
Mac Pro
Mac Pro 12-Core
(Mid 2010-2012)
(July, 2010)
Model ID: MacPro5,1
2.40GHz, 2.66GHz, 2.93GHz, 3.06GHz
Mac Pro
Mac Pro (Early 2009 Quad-Core)
(March, 2009)
Model ID: MacPro4,1
2.66GHz, 2.93GHz, 3.33GHz
Mac Pro
Mac Pro (Early 2009 8-Core)
(March, 2009)
Model ID: MacPro4,1
2.26GHz, 2.66GHz, 2.93GHz
Mac Pro
Mac Pro (Early 2008)
(January, 2008)
Model ID: MacPro3,1
2.8GHz, 3.0GHz, 3.2GHz
Mac Pro
Mac Pro (8-core)
(April, 2007)
Model ID: MacPro2,1
Mac Pro
Mac Pro
(August, 2006)
Model ID: MacPro1,1
2.0GHz, 2.66GHz, 3.0GHz
Xserve Intel
Xserve (Late 2006)
(August, 2006)
Model ID: Xserve1,1
dual 2.0GHz, dual 2.66GHz, dual 3.0GHz
Xserve Intel
Xserve (Early 2008)
(January, 2008)
Model ID: Xserve2,1
2.8GHz, dual 2.8GHz, dual 3.0GHz
Xserve Intel
Xserve Quad-Core (Early 2009)
(April, 2009)
Model ID: Xserve3,1
Xserve Intel
Xserve 8-Core (Early 2009)
(April, 2009)
Model ID: Xserve3,1
2.26GHz, 2.66GHz, 2.93GHz
PC Desktop
PC Desktops
Compatible with Intel / AMD Process based PCs capable with the specifications listed above.
PC Servers
PCIe capable servers
Compatible with PCIe expandable servers with the specifications listed above.
Dell PowerEdge R620
Dell PowerEdge R620
HP DL 380 G7
HP DL 380 G7


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This product was added to our catalog on 04/19/2013.

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