With the OWC SSD Aura Pro solution, you can upgrade the storage capacity of your Macbook air. With this Aura Pro 6G, you have the possibility to change your current SSD with a capacity choice of 250GB/500GB/1TB. This will also replace the SATA III interface (SATA II on a MacBook Air 2010) with a high throughput rate.

The US brand OWC has always distinguished itself in the quality of its products by its ability to offer solutions for Mac users.

This product is compatible with these Macbook versions

  • Macbook Air 2010
  • Macbook Air 2011

Some Specifications:

  • Up to 530 MB/s
  • SLC caching algorithm accelerates burst performance
  • The global wear-leveling algorithm automatically distributes data evenly and manages program/erase numbers to maximize SSD life.
  • Data refresh technology ensures data integrity and data update over the SSD over time
  • Advanced security protocols support AES-128/256-bit encryption with full drives.

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OWC Aura Pro 6G Unidad de Estado sólido M.2 250 GB Serial ATA III 3D TLC

OWC Aura Pro 6G SSD - Disco Duro Interno para MacBook Air (500 GB)

OWC (OWCS3DAP116GT01) - 1.0 TB SSD Unidad de Estado Sólido Aura Pro 6G para MacBook Air (2010-2011)